She wants her powers for vengeance; everyone else needs her to save the world. When awesome abilities fall into the lap of the most unlikely of superheroines, scared, self-centered fashionista Liz Brass sees her chance for revenge against the well-guarded playboy who violated her.

Fate has a way of mixing things up, however. As if a lame police detective, a dashing master spy, and a mysterious Russian gangster competing for her love did not make her life difficult enough—the shady businesses she finds everywhere, drugs, slaves, weapons, and even nuclear material, keep intruding on the young Sin City casino host's quest for retribution. How can Liz refuse intimidated damsels and intelligence directors in distress, when she alone can leap tall buildings and move small mountains?

Thieves, thugs, traffickers, and terrorists find out the answer quickly. Liz becomes an unstoppable force with her superpowers, high-tech gadgets, and vital accessories like Louboutin Double Tutti T-Strap Sandals. Too bad her victories create powerful enemies thirsting for their own revenge.

ZAZZTRA, a superheroine adventure for those who want more from a superhero story.

Current Project

100, a Utopian thriller about a society dominated by women. May peace be with you.

Word Wizardry for Writers, a concise guide to useful features of Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac for writers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

Zazztra: Gift from the Stars, book 1 of a New Adult superheroine series.

Zazztra: Glowing Future, book 2 of a New Adult superheroine series.

Cyberspiracy, To stop Armageddon, a petite hacktress in pink battles a delusional acting president and her murderous minions.

Cyberfurry, To stop all-out war between the USA and China, a hacktress in pink and her furry friend fight cybermurderers who knocked out power to millions.

Hedged Heart, A hedge fund manager struggles to trust the men stealing her heart or her investments.

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