SAC Wolf 🐺 O'Rourc

Special Author in Charge of #CyberSpiracy and other #thrillers

Transmedia storyteller

I vaguely remember having delusions of protecting extraterrestrial lifeforms for MIB. Then I forgot my shades. And looked into a neuralyzer. I think.

Centuries of adventures in cybersecurity, politics, and finance haunt my memories. Maybe some agency implanted them. Who cares? They make for thrilling stories pitting quirky characters with high-tech gadgets against evil villains with vile weapons.

    • My Zazztra series follows a Vegas casino host turned superheroine through the sordid underbelly of crime at home and abroad.

    • The CyberThriller series explores the secret world of bits and bytes through the eyes of a pink-haired hacktress.

My technothrillers reflect the 23 places I think I may have lived and studied the polyglot people that populate my transmedia storytelling.

In real life, I hang with the Henderson Writers Group, Sin City Writers Group, and the Las Vegas Screenwriters Group. On the Net, find me at or @WolfORourc at the fashionable social media channels.