Title Taken

Post date: Apr 13, 2014 10:1:0 PM

I can't believe it's not butter some author stole my title "Word Magic for Writers" ten years ago. How dare she? Nevertheless, after extensive Amazon soul searching, I did the gallant thing and changed mine. As they say in good ole Britannia, "The Magician is dead, long live the Wizard." Here is the new, improved cover with the new, improved title "Word Wizardry for Writers," which, besides having a (sort of) double alliteration, also has the much cooler acronym "WWW," not to be confused with "World Wide Web" (www). Yes, a new package should have new content, but seriously, how many more pages do you want in this already heavy tomb? If I make it even bigger, I will have to remove the warning "Not suitable as a doorstop," which means another cover and more content and so on and so forth. So, same content, new title, new cover. You do get a new ISBN as required.