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High-fiving cat

Who says cats can't high-five? And for those complaining that it's a high-four, the typical cat has four fingers on its hind paw, but five on it's front. I found the information in Google, and Google is always right, right?

Cookie Invaders

My first try for an Oscar or something like that. Produced for the 48 Hours Las Vegas 2015 by AAMP Production with June Day, Heidi Anton, Carol Pike, Kelly Hunt, Jacob Kotch, Sam & Michael Roberts, Rick Pike, Robert Aversano, Mark Anton, and me as coauthor of the script. We had 48 hours to create / write / cast / film / edit / render it / upload to media drive. Premiered at Sam's Town July 22nd.

Zeroth Contact

When the Lumen5 artificial intelligence engine turns my winning story, Weirdest Story Award, 2016 Sin City Word Hoarder’s Holly-Daze Writing Challenge, into a video

Sierra Space WSJ Future of Everything Galaxy Lab

Just because I'm on the Sierra Space WSJ Future of Everything Galaxy Lab doesn't mean I don't have to practice safe COVID 🚀🌔🧑‍🚀 #CES2022