Highlights from American Dreams: Nicholas Russell

Post date: Apr 29, 2017 9:33:0 PM

Nicholas Russell lays out his ideas on the American Dream at American Dreams: The Festival, by the Black Mountain Institute and The Believer Magazine.

It is only in the pursuit of the dream's existence that you may find it. Along the way people's ideas about the American Dream became confused with the fact that the American Dream became construed as truth. Unfortunately equality here is also entangled with worth, and it is an American notion that ideas of worth are defined by what one can achieve and a believe in fairness, but America's story is also one of preferences. The American Dream is a MacGuffin, an object of desire, important to many, pursued by many, but ultimately worthless upon its possession, a vehicle for mobility and change, a goal who's existence accrues value not to itself, but to the endeavors taken to achieve it. If you want to venture out and find it, know that the Dream is itself the dream I think it's limited and it should be discarded.