Want to hear Wolf in person and live? He does presentations, although detractors may maliciously call them performance art. Wolf can blabber for hours about almost anything, but his most interesting talks are listed here.

Word Wizardry for Writers

Based on his non-fiction book Word Wizardry for Writers, this interactive presentation covers some of the most useful functions to Writers in Microsoft Word, like AutoCorrect, Styles, Fields, Sections, and Page Setup including Headers and Footers.

Plotting Like a Movie Maker

Given that a major movie production can cost over one million dollars a minute, the industry has developed rigorous methods and tools to ensure that scripts have engaging plots with rising tension. Other writers can profit from the same methods and tools to plot their story. Wolf shows you how to use a beat sheet, the story board, and the drama curve to Plot Like a Movie Maker.

Save the Saggy Middle with Fun & Games

The subplots of the B Story and the set pieces of Fun and Games allow the writer to add considerable entertainment value to propel the narrative over the saggy middle toward the midpoint and beyond. Pride and Prejudice shows an excellent use of a B Story, a thriller revolving around Wickham, and a C Story, a romance revolving around Collins, to carry the narrative during most of the first half of Act II. By contrast, Pretty Woman has only a small B Story. Instead, a good part of Act II literally involves Vivian and Edward having fun and playing games with each other.

Self-Publishing is Hard... Until It Isn't - How to Simplify Self-Publishing and Save Your Hair

Self-publishing requires a gazillion steps using half a gazillion different tools. Ripping out your hair in frustration at even 10% of these steps will leave you bald at the end of your author career. Simplify self-publishing and save your hair by starting your book production with the new and improved Draft2Digital platform and other (mostly) free tools.